Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Single Handle 18-Inch Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

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5/5 on December 8, 2018

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Kraus is outstanding amongst another rock-solid faucet you can discover available. It will just be a delight to buy in view of its extraordinary eatery highlights. What you get is the best for your cash. It has a lead free bass development with the best rust opposing completion you can get.

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is one of the best kitchen spigots you will get the joy of acquiring, with piles of captivating diner features. It is arranged with a stream control, you won’t need to strain yourself to find the most ideal ways to deal with the set. Regardless of the way that it doesn’t free enough to the place you disregard where each condition is true, it is lightweight adequate to suitably manage the nature of the water nearby the glow. Coming in at a high sticker value, it’s a lead-free metal working with a more imperative appeared differently in relation to ordinary rust proof wrap up. Longer life in the thing mixed with unrivaled rust execution will keep this as a quality thing in the kitchen of yours.


This business style and high-quality kitchen faucet has a mechanical arrangement that has been unequivocally pushed by the apparatuses or pre-wash establishments in diners. The striking and passionate style makes its quintessence felt immovable in your culinary workplace. It has a lone switch light touch handle along the edge close by a spout at a pleasing stature and a high roundabout section pull-down pre-flush sprayer.

The sprayer has a high round portion open twist plan that truly incorporates to the mechanical master look that this nozzle boasts of and an ergonomically arranged handle.

The apparatus gives versatility. A comfort stature spouts and draws down sprayers are ensured versatility handiness. Yet again, the single-switch handle controls the stream and the temperature. What’s more, the sprinkle head makes it possible to switch the water spill out of the spout to weighty 360-degree swinging shower.

Quality and Performance:

Kraus KPF-1610SS is expected to imitate mechanical survey installations with its high rise sprinkle head and separate locking switch and a low nozzle head with its own one of a kind swiveling neck and temperature control switch. Both the outlets are controlled by a lone water switch and together you discover the chance to work either or both of the heads. Solid metal heads ensure a perfect shower structure continually while its flowed air through sprinkle and power apparatus outlet are honored with 2.2 GPM stream rate.

This faucet has a contemporary pull out arrangement and style that will come in accommodating when you need to clean generous or little dishes, skillet, and, holders. The withdrawal sprayer uses two sprinkle plans, and they can help you with your errands. The conduit case of this Kraus kitchen nozzle is upstanding for standard use, and you will get them advantageous for your cleaning system. You will find the stem case of the Kraus nozzles is incredible as they are removable successfully. The nozzle consolidates a swiveling grouping of 120-degrees by which you can even stand it on twofold washbasin sinks and still practice it adequately.

The Kraus kitchen faucet is worked in solidified steel and metal structure. This thing outfits a rust confirmation finishing close by an uncompromising spring plan. This thing Includes a stunning pre-flush sprinkle which is adequately solid to smoothen your activity

Features and Functions:

Kraus makes their kitchen and shower items remembering their three objectives: quality, innovativeness, and plan. Making the most noteworthy quality items is critical to Kraus. This implies they just utilize the best quality materials, parts, test thoroughly, and invest a lot of energy in quality control. The innovativeness part of Kraus’ items guarantees that all that they create is delightful and also practical. At last, the structure segment of all Kraus items ensures that gorgeous and utilitarian items are additionally moderate.

One last part of Kraus’ contributions that sets their items over the pack is their duty to eco inviting practices. Making shower and kitchen items that likewise help to protect our Earth is a vital and advantageous objective for the organization. On the off chance that you need to buy something from an organization that additionally thinks about the earth, at that point a Kraus item is for you.

Kraus’ KPF-1610SS Bolden Single Handle 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet maintains every one of the three of the organization’s three standards and their promise to nature. It is water efficient, which the two eliminates your water bill but at the same time is better for the water supply. It additionally has a rocker switch on the splash head, which enables you to pick one of two shower choices. You can either utilize the fixture in streams or shower modes. Your decision will impact how much cleaning force the spigot has, and furthermore how much water it employment.

As far as plan and reasonableness, you can’t beat the KPF-1610SS. Its business profile gives it the expert look you might search for and in addition giving a drawdown splash head that has unparalleled reach. For individuals with huge sinks or who cook/make a lot of dishes, the 18-inch stature, and 180-degree swivel gush give you a lot of space to work. With Kraus’ smooth-withdraw innovation, you will never need to stress over the shower head not withdrawing effectively.

At long last, the easy to understand nature of the Kraus KPF-1610SS fixture is unmatched in the business. The item comes prepared to introduce with a one-opening establishment pack. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a sink with three gaps and need the KPF-1610SS, never fear, Kraus additionally offers a three-opening establishment pack. The Kerox single-switch cartridge has been tried to 500,000 cycles, so the spigot is solid and also simple to utilize.


Highlighted Points:

  • Secured under Kraus’ constrained lifetime guarantee
  • Developed of Brass
  • High circular segment open-spring business style gushes with 180-degree swivel
  • Double capacity pull-down splash head
  • Simple to introduce – Single opening establishment
  • Smooth-withdraw nylon sprayer 20″ retractable hose for broadening extend
  • The single zinc switch handle
  • ADA consistent
  • California low streams consistent – Under 1.8 gallon-per-minute stream rate
  • Establishment equipment included
  • Stature: 17-15/16″ (ledge to the most elevated purpose of spigots)
  • Gush Height: 6-3/8″ (ledge to fixture outlet)
  • Gush Reach: 8-11/16″ (focal point of spigot base to focal point of fixture outlet)
  • Stream Rate: 1.8 gallons-per-minute
  • Fixture Holes: Single Hole (number of gaps required)
  • Faucet Hole Size: 1-5/16″
  • Most extreme Deck Thickness: 1-3/4″

Pros and Cons:


√ The faucet has an adaptable hose with a stabilizer, which makes a greatly smooth withdrawal.

√ The Kraus KPF-1610SS is water productive and eco-accommodating.

√ It accompanies a one-gap establishment alternative, however, a three-gap establishment unit can be obtained independently.

√ Since this is a business kitchen sink fixture plan, it has a high circular segment (18-inches) and 18-degree swivel gush. The expert look will likewise engage numerous clients.

√ The faucet comes prepared for the establishment and is made of strong, great materials.

√ You have your decision of a wide range of complete the process of, including hardened steel, chrome, matte dark, treated steel/chrome, and tempered steel/matte dark.

√ There are two shower alternatives, stream or splash.

√ The fixture accompanies a solitary handle for convenience. The handle has a Kerox cartridge that has been tried with 500,000 cycles.


⊗ A portion of the parts (in particular the splash head) are made of plastic, which destroys quicker than alternate parts of the fixture. A few clients have even detailed the handle tumbling off.

⊗ There have additionally been accounted for issues with the boiling water hose spilling and missing a washer that would seal the hose up tight.

⊗ A few clients have issues with the spigot fixing effectively, which causes water spills around their sinks.


The Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Single Handle Pull-down Commercial Kitchen Faucet is a decent wagered in the event that you need an expert looking item. It has a couple of defects that make it less engaging than a portion of our best picks, for example, the plastic shower head. Notwithstanding, it has a fascinating profile, great enhancements, a sensible cost, and a water productive and eco-accommodating plan.

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